Friday, July 26, 2013

Delicious Mexicano!

From my Kitchen: Quick and Easy Fish Tacos

From Right-
1. Greek yogurt, Salmon rubbed with Paprika and grilled, Organic Pinto Beans (Trader Joe's) Grilled Onions and Bell peppers, Fire Roasted Mango and Papaya Salsa (Trader Joe's) Guacamole (Flavored with salt and lemon).
2. Warm the Corn Tortillas.
3. Stuff everything from left, right or middle on warmed Corn Tortillas.
4. Enjoy delicious acid-tasting, sour-tasting, creamy healthy Fish Tacos.

*Vegetarians go easy on the fish

Restaurant Recommendation for Delicious Mexicano!

Aqui Cal-Mex,
201 E Campbell Ave (Downtown)
(408) 374-2784

Had been to this restaurant and llllloved it! It scored high on my list but scored more high when I came to know about there menu changes frequently to take advantage of the best local, seasonal and fresh ingredients to achieve there mission of providing the best and most unique dishes they can. (Natural, Wild and Organic)

Cal-Mex Fajitas

Grilled natural chicken breast, onions and peppers in a sweet and spicy fajita sauce. Served with avocado-chipotle nachos, roasted corn rice and corn tortillas.

Wild Rock Crab Cake Hash

Grilled jicama-fennel salsa, sugar snap peas, country potatoes, Southwest béarnaise sauce, achiote sauce and organic carrot-citrus slaw.